His love changes everything

All life's hardships and heartbreaks can be traced to one word.
One little word.
It changed the face of the earth.
It changed relationships.
What is that word?



sin! What a terrible thing

I hate sin.  I hate dealing with sin. Every single problem that happens is cause someone sinned.

Sinned entered the world along with Satan.  It severed the perfect relationship between God and Man. Man and Woman. Man and Earth. It has plagued the earth for thousands of years.

Praise the Lord He did not leave us in our sin! The sin that destroys everything! The sin which we have had since birth, inherited from our parents.
God in His perfect mercy and kindness picked us (by us I mean the elect) from before the foundation of the earth! And according to His perfect timing sent His beautiful Son to die for us on the cross!
Oh how He loves us!
I will never understand His love.

Thank you Jesus!!
<3 <3

Much Love,