is it summer yet?

 Summer is getting harder to wait for.
I just went shopping and bought some more summer clothes! 

Last summer I went to my friends baptism at my old church. 
It was very lovely :)

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Much Love,



Where I live, we don't really get a spring season. 
We have such mild winters that there isn't really a different when spring comes around.
except that the leaves on certain tree's start growing back.
and we have more bees. 
and warmer days (occasionally)

but for the most part..
we don't have a spring.

But that's okay with me. 

Much Love,


Trip to LA [part 1]

Many people think LA is a spectacular place. 

It is pretty wonderful if you go to the right area's. 
Not many know LA for its true self. 
Me, being from Orange County, am not a huge fan of that city/county. 
I consider it dirty, and not well kept up. 
and it is dirty. Very.

You can always tell you're in LA if you see graffiti on the freeways. 
You don't go there at night (and certainly you never go by yourself).
You must always have a full tank of gas and good tire pressure
 because you don't want to run out in a bad area.
You can hardly see the mountains because of all the smog.
I would never go to LA by myself.
You can almost never go to LA without hitting some kind of bad traffic.

Many people don't know this side of LA. 
They think its where you see famous people all the time.
There are nice area's of LA. 
And i'm not saying that i hate it.
cuz I don't.

Just thought you should see this side of LA.

This is LA to me. 
It sometimes can be very sketchy.
Most of the time it can be a blast.
We have so many good times in that city!

Much Love,


My sister

My sister is extremely photogenic.

Do you have a family member who is photogenic??

Much Love,


My front yard

I love those plants. They bloom all by themselves and are so beautiful!

Much Love,



This ring belonged               to my great-grandma.
Its gold and has my birthday stone (peridot) in the center.
I love this ring.
I will give it to my oldest daughter to pass along to her oldest 
daughter to pass along to her oldest daughter.

They will know it was owned by Grandma Hernandez.
That it skipped two generations and was owned by me. 
The one who was named through a dream.
and that it should be passed on.
As a reminder of the promise of purity.

this is my purity ring. 
its small, sweet, and simple.
and its mine 

Much Love,



        Friday was a really stressful day. Not this last Friday, but the one before. Getting all the decorations ready for this party took all day and we only had thursday and friday to get ready for a party that was happening on saturday. woo. fun stuff!
So i was stressed all day and trying to get as much done as possible so i could go spend time with my boyfriend and some mutual friends like we had already planned. At first i wasn't gonna go just because there was too much to get done. and then i decided id go, but not until later.
         So there i was. super stressed. and leaving to spend time with my boyfriend after having exploded on my siblings. and I'm driving and i look up and see the most beautiful sky in the whole world! It wasn't quite a sunset yet.
         it had just rained that day and the sky was partially clearing up and the sun was almost setting.
and it was so beautiful! Each second that past it was more beautiful than the second before! I wish i had my camera and could pull over to take pictures but i didn't have it with me.
         I was overwhelmed by the beauty and by Gods grace. a wave of peace and thankfulness washed over me.
         All i could say was Thank You Jesus <3
         Thank you Jesus <3

It cannot wait for heaven. I saw a little piece of it that day.

I wondered if the other drivers were as distracted by its beauty as i was.

It was more beautiful than i deserved to see.

Thank you Jesus,
Thank you <3

Much Love,

[P.S. i got feature on THIS blog. I'm so excited! :D]


-I'm a writer??-

When did I become a writer?

I've never considered myself a writer.
I never loved writing.
Journaling was never my thing.

I'm not a writer, am I??

So...why do I have a blog??
Why am I writing a novel?
and thinking of idea's for 3 other stories??

I'm not a writer.

I love reading, however. its been my thing. I haven't always loved reading. I hated learning it. And it wasn't until i read the American Girls series that i loved reading! They began my love of reading. My love of books was intensified by the movie Inkheart. (I've read the book series. really good! the first one is the best)

Im learning a lot about writing. I need to take it slow and not rush it. When idea's come to me, i write them down. I shouldn't force creativity. I'm excited about my ideas. I think they are awesome.

But me? a writer??

I have a hard time seeing it.

I've always been a musician. Thats me. a writer? what? Where the heck did that come from?? its kinda freakin me out. I always tried writing stories when i was young. they sucked big time.
But i think my love for books will help me write. I know what makes a good story. ish. haha I know that if its meant to be it will happen. I'm excited for the future

anyways. its kinda weird. me. a writer!
i know. i've said that too many times! trying to get used to it. I'm not a typical writer i guess. I have a couple notebooks. but i don't journal or write a lot. I like photography and music and art!

:) I love life's surprises. its fun! my life goes in ways i wouldn't expect! but I'm pretty much open for anything at the moment.

Thank you Jesus!

Much Love,


New blog!

Alright guys. Here's the dealio! 

I started a new blog called God is Sovereign (hence the title^^)
I can't remember why I decided to start it but its gonna be a blog about God and things i've (and 
hopefully other people too) have been learning about God and His Word and what He is teaching us. 
But mostly I want it to be His Word. 
I think this will be good for me and will challenge me to read more and to read more
thoroughly because things will be posted daily (kinda like I do here).

So you can head on over if you want and check it out HERE.
Lemme know what you think and if you want to contribute! The more the merrier! 

Much Love,