life lately-

So life has been really hectic lately. just a lot of stuff going on. 
and i need to simplify. i need much less TV and internet.
so my goal is to stop doing those things and focus more on reading, 
and family, and spending time with God. and yes i do realize i 
put them in the wrong order. So you will be seeing less of me. 
i have a lot of pictures to edit and it will take me a while. I need to
find a job. I dunno when i'll be back to post something on here
but i will be back. in the meantime enjoy this picture:

Much Love,


Short Stories: Water

       Arthur woke up suddenly from his dream. Or was it a dream? Confused, he looked around him. He was on the lawn on campus. It almost looked like stadium seating. Big, grassy steps in a half circle with many students lounging around doing homework and daydreaming in the sun. It was almost a small valley. Betty was right beside him reading something. He shook his head to try and clear it. "Go to the strong one" the voice had said. He know that must mean Leo, he just knew. Leo was big, he had a clear cut jaw line and dirty blonde hair and was also 6 foot 3.
       Art jumped up and grabbed Betty's arm, "Come on. We gotta go."
       She looked up at him and said, "oh alright." She quickly began to gather her possessions and stuffed them into her backpack.
       Art had already spotted Leo with his girlfriend Clarissa closer towards the top of the lawn and was making his way up to them.
       "What's this all about?" Betty looked confusedly at Art who, ignoring her, walked right up to Leo.
       "Art! Betts! How you doing guys!" Leo said with a huge contagious smile.
       "Hey Leo," Betty said, still looking at Art, waiting for an answer. Art looked somewhat relieved and sat down next to Leo.
       The small talk began. Hi, how are you? How is class? How you liking this professor? How you doing in that class? What do you think of this other thing? Betty sighed and looked to the bottom of the lawn, uninterested in their conversation. Something looked weird. Something wasn't right.
       The floor at the bottom of the lawn started to sink in. It looked as if something huge had landed there. Which was impossible, right?
       She stood up. Water was flowing into the lawn. Students began to run for their lives uphill. Wide eyed she yelled, "Art! Look!" The water was almost to them. Art, Leo and Clarissa leapt up and ran uphill as fast as they could, barely escaping the water. For, just as suddenly as it came, it went away.
       Panting, Clarissa said, "What the heck was that!"

Much Love,


So i had a great trip! 
thanks for all the well wishing!

i will have to tell you about it later.
i took 874 pictures. 
editing them will take forever. 

tomorrow (thursday) my boyfriend leaves for the weekend to go fishing.
friday i leave to go to Resolved for the weekend. 
its gonna be 100+ there.
we get back late monday night.
tuesday morning i wake up early to go take care of a bunch of kids for a couple hours.
its gonna be a long week.
but for now, I'm just enjoying being home while i can.

see you later.
here is a picture for you;

its a butterfly.

Much Love,



Hey guys. i just came here to tell you that tomorrow...im leaving. 
going on vacation to visit some friends up north with my mother.
 i will be gone a week.
then i will be back for two days.
then i will be gone for 4 days. 

and i will not be blogging during that.
i will blog after.

but i seriously don't want the hassle of worrying about my blog.
i will be visiting friends and taking pictures and laughing and making music and overall enjoying myself.
i hope you have a lovely two weeks.

see you then.

here are a couple pictures just for you <3

 this guy is my boyfriend <3

Much Love,


Almost Solar Eclipse

We sorta had a solar eclipse a couple weeks ago. 
it didn't quite make it all the way.
at least where i was.
at first i didn't get it, but then i looked at the shadows and this is was i saw;

it was pretty cool :)

what did you do the day of the almost solar eclipse? 
(which i believe was exactly 2 weeks ago)

Much Love,



I love having a sister thats a good model.
which one is your favorite??

Much Love,


the little things in life..... [21-40]

21. pancakes
22. good friends
23. ice packs
24. being forgiven
25. long walks with him <3
26. water.
27. cinnamon roles!
28. creative music that actually sounds good and isn't
 hollow or shallow or cheesy!
29. good movies
30. getting paid to do something you love
31. the smell of books
32. cinnamon in general
33. relaxing
34. olallieberries
35. getting a haircut
36. music <3
37. summer dresses
38. longboards
39. the beach
40. spending time with family

Much Love,



So, one of our renters (Anthony) had a 90's themed birthday party. and everyone dressed up!
i didn't get pictures of everyone but here are some from the party :)

Much Love,


Short Stories: The List

              She looked at him critically, her brown eyes twinkling, "Well obviously you've never met my father," she rolled her eyes, "he is always telling me how important it is to make a list!"
              "A list of enemies?" he shook his head, bewildered, "why would I need to make a list of my enemies?"
              The girl leaned forward against the chair with a playful smile on her lips, "My father says [and here she began imitating her father with her best impression] 'one must always have a list of enemies!' " she stood up straight, sticking her chest out in a lordly manner, and began strutting about the room, " 'that way, when something goes wrong, you will know whom to blame! You simply look at the list and pick out whichever name most interests you and that is who's to blame!' " with that, the girl flung herself in the big, high back chair, laughing, "now doesn't that seem like sound logic to you?"
              "Oh yes," said the man sarcastically, "that is most definitely the best way to run a kingdom! Always blame your enemies. Why hadn't I thought of that before?"
              "Because you're not mad!"

Much Love,

(this one isn't my fav)


A Day at the Park (part 2)

This is my cousin Carly.
she is six i believe
(i could be wrong but i don't think i am)
she is basically the greatest :)

Much Love,

(ps ive written a couple short stories. anyone interested??)