I know i post a lot about my sister. But thats just cuz i take a lot of pictures of her cuz she's good in front of the camera. :)
one time we went to my dads company picnic and they had hired a face paint artist, so naturally anna painted her face (after much coaxing).
the results??
see for yourself..



lack of motivation is my greatest fault. it is also known as laziness. laziness, however, is a little different from lack of motivation, but unfortunately i have both. how do you get out of such an awful trait? you don't want to be lazy, but you have no motivation to do anything about it. you keep putting it off and putting it off and nothing gets done. it is a terribly vicious cycle that traps those entangled for what seems like an eternity. I don't have any answers for you if you struggle with this. I myself am searching for answers and can come up with nothing. (although I must tell you I haven't been searching hard). I have issues with making and keeping goals. My sporadically random fits of motivation don't usually last long and they are usually very focused on one thing only. How do you stay motivated? Once I lose my motivation for something it seems to be gone forever. I am constantly starting over goals and projects when I get tired of them. I tend to get excited about things, then lack the motivation to see it through. It's a struggle to stay motivated to exercise.. its a struggle to stay motivated to read my bible every day when my goal for reading everyday fell through when I missed a day on accident.. Its a struggle to stay motivated to blog often.. Its a struggle to stay motivated to take and edit pictures..

It's a struggle. But God is bigger than our struggles. We need to take them to Him (which I am very very bad at) and leave them at His feet cuz only He can help us and give us the strength. We are called to cast our cares upon Him. (1 Pet 5:7) I feel so alone in this struggle. But writing this out, I know I'm not. I know there are people who go through the same thing I do, even though we pretend to not to. It's okay. Because someone understands! Someone cares! You are not alone in your struggles.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Much Love,


at a mini retreat

          I have a thing for making things look pretty. *ehem* presentation of things. most especially food. I dunno why. maybe its because the presentation changes the whole mood, it makes things more distinguished, elegant. or so i'd like to think. but whats presentation without function. it has to be functional.
          At a women's retreat wayyyyyyyy back in spring, we had, for one of our meals, a tea. it was so beautiful! it's the only thing i took pictures of the whole two days! and i just realized the other day that i haven't shared them with you!

Much Love,


a place called Knott's

          Theme parks are a blast! Its so cool to live in southern california and have two awesome theme parks within 30 minutes. I had a pass to Knott's Berry Farm once. I think I was around fifteen.  maybe younger.  but after a while i couldn't go on the rides because all of the roller coasters say not to go on if you have back problems and about halfway into our passes (maybe later) my back started giving me problems and i would feel a lot of pressure in my back when i went on rides. I got scared and slowly stopped going on the rides, starting with the more intense ones.  I went back once with my family and cousins around Christmas time last year. I think we got in free, or for cheep or something. because it was cold and we weren't going on anything, me, my mom, my aunt, and my grandma just decided to go home.
          Well, my boyfriend got tickets to Knotts from his sister who works there and so we all decided to go before school started. So we got there and we had to wait a while in the heat before we could get into the park because 1) we couldn't contact his sister to get a discount for my siblings and 2) it was almost 4, the time they drop the prices of the day pass. so we waited. and then the adventure began.
          It was just like old times walking around the park and going on rides with the Henson's (my boyfriends family incase you didn't know). We met up with Janelle and got funnel cake and went on the log ride and went on all kindsa rides. It was hot. hot hot hot. so hot. i was sweating all day.. and i don't sweat very easily (thank the Lord cuz i hate sweating). so we finally got to go on the rapids ride and of course we go right around the time the sun sets and of course... i got soaked. the only one who didn't really want to get wet got soaked. went down my entire backside. and most of my front. We went on all the rides we could, but with my back and Brad's head pain, it wasn't all that many. so we didn't spend a whole lot of time with everyone else because they wanted to go on all the rides we couldn't go on. I've been kinda skeptical of that sky cabin ride that takes you way up in the air cuz i heard it breaks down a lot at the top. no thanks. but this time, i decided to go on. i dunno why. it was enjoyable. and air conditioned :) Jo (Janelle, Brad's sister) bought me these paper, old 3D type glasses that made all the lights in Camp Snoopy look like hearts. it was neat-o! i plan on using them to take photo's with and make cool bokeh, but i just haven't gotten around to it yet. i took some pictures here and there, but mostly i just relaxed and enjoyed the day and the time i was spending with Brad.
          All this to say, I went to Knott's Berry Farm! and we had a blast! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the day ;)

Thanks for reading!
Much Love,