A great song title for a great song!

But for realz, i do need your help!

With choosing song titles!

I've writen some songs that I cant figure out what to name them.  So I need your feedback. Which ones spark your interest or excite your curiosity? I have a couple options for a couple different songs.
So lemme know which ones you like, which ones you dont like, how you would change them, etc.

So here is a list! PLEASE HELP!

A Procrastinating Genius

Lost in the Sky [or Fog]

All the Lost

Evaporate the Fog

Life is You

I'm Yours

He Gives Me Rest

Dissipating Fog


A Procrastinating ________ [you fill in the blank]

Thank you so much for your opinion! Really need it.

And thank you for reading!

Much Love,



Wow. I take a lot of pictures!

I'm just gonna post ones I haven't posted on facebook (feel special) of when we went to Krispy Kreme today :)

Why did we go to Krispy Kreme today??



Thanks for reading!

Much Love,


yeah I just bought a new camera. no big deal :)

i LOVE to take pictures. :)

and guess what!


i am super excited about it!

And I don't get excited real easy.

there is a story behind how i got it.  Pretty crazy. and COMPLETELY God! :)

Here goes;
So i've been wanting a camera for a while and I had enough money from my savings to get one! So on friday I went to Sams club cuz they have a superawesome deal on the camera I wanted! So i went andd they had the box, BUT they didn't have any of the actual cameras. Like.. anywhere! sooo i was supperrrr bummed cuz I got all excited for no stinkin reason. And we looked a couple other places and i was just about ready to give up. I was thinking, "you know what...forget it! I dont need a camera..."  
So we did stuff over the weekend and on tuesday we went to Sam's club again and had them call other stores to see if they had it.  And there were only two. In two different stores.  That had both already been opened.
BUT they were $200 cheaper! So we headed over to one of the stores and opened the box and it looked brand new! It didn't look like it had even been opened! SUCH a good deal!

So I bought it.


The camera I got was a Canon Rebel t2i! And it came with an extra zoom lens and a bag to put everything in. And a memory card. And an hdmi cable!

Sooo. Im pretty excited about that :)


So since i've gotten it i've taken 600 pictures give or take.

Mostly cuz I went to Disneyland the day after i got it! was so much fun to take pictures and play around with it!

Now i'm not completely new to this cuz my friend has a t1i and he has taught me alot on that!

I would post some pictures but I'm on the wrong computer!

Pictures to be posted soon!

Thank you for reading!

Much Love,