PC .2 ~ Shutter Speed

Last year I took another photography class. Well, its actually the same photography class that I took before but some of the assignments were a little different. I've been meaning to share these pictures with you but I never got around to it.  (i just checked my previous posts...turns out, I already shared with you the first assignment.)
My second assignment was obviously a shutter speed assignment. For those of you who don't know what a shutter speed is.... google it. I had to turn in three stop action shots, three motion blur shots, and one panning. again, if you don't know what that is, i recommend you google it. I would explain it to you but I'm terrible at explaining things! 

stop action .1 

stop action .2

 stop action .3

motion blur .1 

 motion blur .2

motion blur .3

 panning .1

 We got bonus points for dropping something in a liquid. 

bonus .1



Okay, lets do some catching up..
I haven't posted in a while because I haven't been editing pictures. I am super behind on editing pictures. I've been behind before but I've never been this behind since I started taking pictures and its kind of overwhelming and I hate editing (with a passion) and editing my pictures is frustrating for me because i think they all suck and I just have to put up with what I have. + Also, I'm done with school for the semester (yay!), but I start summer school next in a week and a half (boo!). + My boyfriend works like crazy and hardly ever has time off. + I haven't been writing songs, cuz they all suck. I need to learn to be okay with writing songs that suck and just keep doing it until I come up with one that I think is pretty good. + I did, however, try to record me singing a cover song yesterday. I took so many freakin takes and they all pretty much sucked. I kept getting interrupted which was super frustrating. + I've been trying to work out, but after about a week or so I feel pretty unmotivated. + I've been reading my books and I've almost read 80% of the books I own (which is my current goal). My overall goal is to read all the books I own (I have about 50 left) and when I do that I will reward myself with rereading the Series of Unfortunate Events. I'm dying to read those books, so I'm pretty motivated. I just have so many left to read and its gonna take me forever. + I am in desperate need of a job, but no one will hire me. I currently have a lead on a job, but idk if I will get it. Prayers would be awesome. + Well this has been an update from me to you. + I look at my blog every day and think that I should probably post something, but I don't have any pictures to post. 

Which is better, b/w? or color? or abstract?