Okay, lets do some catching up..
I haven't posted in a while because I haven't been editing pictures. I am super behind on editing pictures. I've been behind before but I've never been this behind since I started taking pictures and its kind of overwhelming and I hate editing (with a passion) and editing my pictures is frustrating for me because i think they all suck and I just have to put up with what I have. + Also, I'm done with school for the semester (yay!), but I start summer school next in a week and a half (boo!). + My boyfriend works like crazy and hardly ever has time off. + I haven't been writing songs, cuz they all suck. I need to learn to be okay with writing songs that suck and just keep doing it until I come up with one that I think is pretty good. + I did, however, try to record me singing a cover song yesterday. I took so many freakin takes and they all pretty much sucked. I kept getting interrupted which was super frustrating. + I've been trying to work out, but after about a week or so I feel pretty unmotivated. + I've been reading my books and I've almost read 80% of the books I own (which is my current goal). My overall goal is to read all the books I own (I have about 50 left) and when I do that I will reward myself with rereading the Series of Unfortunate Events. I'm dying to read those books, so I'm pretty motivated. I just have so many left to read and its gonna take me forever. + I am in desperate need of a job, but no one will hire me. I currently have a lead on a job, but idk if I will get it. Prayers would be awesome. + Well this has been an update from me to you. + I look at my blog every day and think that I should probably post something, but I don't have any pictures to post. 

Which is better, b/w? or color? or abstract?

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