I dont have anything to say....

I been rather busy lately.  During my busyness I think of stuff I could write about in my blog.  And of course as soon as I get on my blog....I forget... 
I could talk about what I've been reading but that's a boring topic that I've posted on here too many times.

Now I remember,  I was going to talk about me.  Or....at least one thing about me.

I have found out over the years that I love to talk!  I love to talk.  That's mostly why I started this.  I can talk about anything I like without being interupted or rejected.  Sure I guess I could be rejected but then I would never know! :) 
I love just telling random things that happen to me to anyone who will listen...  But my problem is, there aren't many people are willing to listen that I want to tell.  What. A. Bummer. 
Thats another reason why I started this :)
There's not much else to say on this topic unfortunately.

On another note, food sounds very yummy so I will go get some!  Its about lunch time but I'm going to have breakfast :)  Yesterday I had breakfast twice! It was ooo so yummy :) :)

Much Love,


Cinder Ella Enchanted

So yesterday I read the whole of Ella Enchanted.  I'm sure most of you are fimaliar with that movie.  I know I am.   I loved the book!  Couldn't put it down!  Thats why I read the whole thing. You see, normally, I don't read whole books in one day.  Because then I don't remember it as well.  But this one I couldn't stop reading and I had to see the end.  You might be asking, 'Well if you've seen the movie don't you know the ending??'  I know the movie's ending.  But, as I found out soon after starting it, the movie is waaaaaaayyyyyyyy different than the book!  So much so that I didn't know exactly how it would end!  Again I love the book.  Why on earth would anyone want to change the story of a good book when they make it into a movie??  Did the screen writers even read the book?!?!?!  Why do people do that?  Could it be that they want to make it better??  How on earth is it possible to make a really good story even better?  I'm sure most people would agree with me when I say that books are always better than the movies.  Why is that? Because the stupid screen writers think they can make it better by changing up the story a bunch.  Not. Cool.   Now, there is something I must tell you.  Its that I love watching movies! Even if the story is corrupted.  But I have begun to like books more than I have ever liked movies.  For the simple reason that they are always better, and the book explains so much more!  Books are my friends.  I look forward to spending evenings lost in their pages.  They take me to faraway places :) Its really enjoyable :)

Thats all for now

Much Love,


Godliness and Sin

Ahhh how nice it is to speak my mind and not be interrupted.

Well it has been a couple of days since I've been able to post my thoughts.  So naturally I have plenty! Except at this moment I can't remember all that I was going to say.  I'm sure it will come back to me.

I have been reading a lot of good books lately.  Not exactly novels or whatnot.  More like bible study books.  I'm really excited that I get to do these bible studies, though at times the reading can be a little overwhelming I'm learning lots!

This week kinda has felt like new years. I guess because I started school and started some bible studies!  Feels like I'm starting afresh.  A most wonderful feeling!  I was reading a book called "The practice of Godliness" by Jerry Bridges, which my youth group is going through.  And I really like this part of it. He was quoting William Law and he says;
" 'Devotion signifies a life given, or devoted to God. He therefore is the devout [godly] man, who lives no longer to his own will, or the way and spirit of the world, but to the sole will of God, who considers God in everything, who serves God in everything, who makes all the parts of his common life, parts of piety [godliness], by doing everything in the name of God, under such rules as are conformable to his Glory.' "
This is sort of a new thought to me.  Not entirely new because I've heard it a thousand times, but this time it really hit me that this is what I should be doing! 

As it says in 1 Corinthians 10:31, "Whether than, you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all for the glory of God." (emphasis added)

This is what I needed to do!  It means when I talk to my siblings about anything, do it for His Glory. When I eat breakfast, do it for His Glory. When I check my email(!), do it for his glory!  So far I'm not doing a great job of it.  In fact I'm failing miserably!  But does that mean God is not as good to me? In the words of Paul, "May it never be!" God's love and goodness is just as good as if I was doing a perfect job of it.  I find that amazing!  Don't you?

Later that day (yesterday) I went to a woman's bible study that is going over "Respectable Sins" again by Jerry Bridges.  What we read hit me pretty hard. 
At one part he was talking about the Christians being called Saints by Paul.  He was talking about the U.S. Air Force Academy, how they train kids, set apart, kids to be officers in the Air Force.  The word Saint means "one who is separated unto God".  In relation to what Jerry was saying about the Air Force cadets he said;
"In a way similar to a young person entering the Air Force Academy, every new believer has been set apart by God, separated unto God to be transformed into the likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ. In this sense, every believer is a saint - a person separated from his old sinful way of life and set apart by God to increasingly glorify God as his life is transformed"
I thought that was a really cool idea!

Another part that really hit me was this;
"We often indulge in what I call the 'respectable' or even 'acceptable' sins without any sense of sin. Our gossip or unkind words about a brother or sister in Christ roll easily off our tongues with any awareness of wrongdoing. We harbor hurts over wrongs long past without any effort to forgive as God has forgiven us (this one hit me especially hard, since I tend to do that).  We look down our religious noses at 'sinners' in society without any sense of a humble 'there but for the grace of God go I' Spirit." 
Ouch.  We all tend to do that as Christians.

Another part says;
"Sin is sin. Even those sins that I call 'the acceptable sins of the saints' -  those we tolerate in our lives - are serious in God's eyes. Our religious pride, our critical attitudes, our unkind speech about other, our impatience and anger, even our anxiety; all of these are serious in the sight of God."

Lots to think about there!  How sinful we are!

In essence I am enjoying this book.  And I hopefully we will be more Christlike at the end of it.  That is my goal. To be like Him!!

I could keep going on, and on, and on.  There are other things I'd like to talk about, but I think I shall be done for today!
Thanks for reading!

Much Love,


To paint, or not to paint?! That is the question! (I'm thinking yes...)

There are so many things I was going to address you about.  But I thought none of them proper to be displaying in such a place as a public blog.
You're going to have to excuse my manner of talking.  For I have just read Pride and Prejudice in three days time.  And I'm afraid for the present moment that their way of talking has quite rubbed off on me. So please accept my apologies on the matter.

One thing I did think that I could talk about in here was paint!
Yes, you read it right, paint.
Why paint?  Well, because my sister found it to her liking to start painting a rather small structure that will be added to our small Christmas village collection upon her completion.  And I, when she was not at it, took up the pleasure of playing with her paints, and painted a rather interesting little cloud. 
I have always thought that it would suit me to try painting.  I thought I should like it very much.
I don't think I will be fortunate enough to learn the art, but I think it would be rather interesting! 
This is all the thought I have on the matter.
I apologize again for my awkward manner of talking.
I flatter myself I did a rather good job of talking something like they do in the book. :)

My sincerest wishes,


Sense and Sensitivity

Sense? Sensitivity? I'm pretty sure I have neither.

Some of you who know me pretty well will probably be saying to yourself, 'but Tess is pretty sensitive.'
True. When it comes to my own feelings.. But when it comes to the feelings of other? I am ashamed to say I'm not.
I'm afraid I don't have the sense enough to be sensitive.
One thing that keeps coming to mind is Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice.. She say's to Mr. Darcy something along these lines that I keep thinking of;
"And your selfish distain for the feelings of others"
Ooo.. that’s harsh. True, but harsh....
Am I like that? Unfortunately I must admit I am..

I have been overlooking others feelings and putting mine up as more important.  And for that I am sorry.
I know I am forgiven because of my Perfect Savior. :) And that makes me happy :)

Do we have sense enough to see things like this and do something about it?  I hope so.  But usually we don't.  What a bummer that is.  Simple things like praying and reading your bible really do help!
We have an awesome God :)

Much Love,


In the book of Matthew...

Last night, (or was it the night before? I can't remember) I was listening to the bible on tape as I do every night. I fall asleep to it. I'm listening to the beginning of Matthew at the moment. And I was just listening to all that was going on with Jesus. In Matthew 14, it tells us about when Jesus walked on water. In verse 33 they are amazed and worshiped Him, saying, "Truly you are the Son of God!"

A thought struck me.... What would it be like to be before the face of God on earth, worshiping Him?

I think I would be very shy in front of Jesus on earth if I had lived then. My God and the Messiah!! Before my very eyes!! How amazing that would be!
It’s hard for me to imagine being in the presence of Jesus. But I can't wait to be. :)

J. Vernon McGee says, "Someday, when in the presence of our Savior, we will thank Him for every burden, every trial, and every heartache."

That will be the most amazing day ever!

Goodbye for now!

Much Love,


Love vs. Hate

So I was reading the blogs that some of my friends have, which are quite long and profound, and I got discouraged thinking that my blog could never be like that. Simple because I have nothing to say that is very profound. So I decided that this blog will not be like the other peoples blogs that are long and interesting. My blog will be short and boring. haha. I just thought I'd warn you for those of you unfortunate enough to be reading this.

I have many thoughts about many things. One thing that I can't stop thinking about is a book I read recently called The People of Sparks - the 2nd Book of Ember. It was a really good book, full of conflict and second guessing. How do I know this is the right thing? they would ask themselves. But it's not the conflict that interested me the most, it was the outcome.. and what they figured out in the end to be the solution.

And what is the solution? you might ask.

The solution in this book for all their conflicts is simply; Love.

As it says in Matthew 5:44 - "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you"
That seemed to be the theme for the whole book. I liked that very much. There is one part I really like... when the main girl character in the book finds out that she should love instead of hate. That love is far more powerful than hate.

In this part of the book the main girl character, Lina, is talking to another, older and wiser, girl, Maddy about this city that was destroyed because of hate and fear. Group A (as she calls it) would hurt group B, and then group B would get back at group A, etc, until there was nothing left.

"Can't it be stopped?" Lina asked
"Maybe it can be stopped at the beginning," Maddy said. "If someone sees what's happening and is brave enough to reverse the direction."
"How do you do that?" - Lina
"You'd do something good, or at least you'd keep yourself from doing something bad." - Maddy
"But how could you? When people have been mean to you, why would you want to be good to them?" - Lina
"You wouldn't want to, that's what makes it hard. You do it anyway. Being good is hard. Much harder than being bad." - Maddy

I can't stop thinking about this... And the part at the end when Lina overcomes her fear and anger to help the people she is angry with. I thought it had a very good moral.

Love no matter what.

I'd be thinking about this, and then I'd go and be impatient with my siblings.
That is not love.

What is love?

Well, in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 it says;
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

As you probably know... we cannot love like that. Ever.

But? How come we are required? And how can we accomplish something we cannot do?
We are required because our Holy God has high standards.
And we cannot accomplish this. That's why Jesus did :)

So this post turned out to be longer than I thought.
Thanks for reading!

Much love,


This blog

So I have decided to start a blog.

Just for the mere pleasure of writing down my aimless thoughts about random things.
Not that anyone will even read this, its just nice to be able to write down my thoughts. I'm going to have fun with this :)

My first thoughts are about coughing. Why coughing? Because that is what has been taking up much of my time lately. Fun!? I think not.
Coughing does many things for me... to name a few it; makes me light headed, helps me to breath when my throat feels half closed, gets all that gross stuff out of my chest, burns my throat, and makes me feel week.

As you can see coughing isn't a total waste of time, in fact it can be very helpful! But most of the time it is not.
What a bummer..

So this is the end of my first random post.
I hope you liked it :)

Much love,