just a little something..

so i wrote this post the other day. i believe it was yesterday. i posted it for a day.
but now im all embarrassed about it.
i took all my loneliness and hurt out and put it in that post. i wasn't very nice. or very. cool.

what i realized though is i haven't found the root of my problem.

in reality when it comes to my girlfriends issue I'm totally lost. I'm trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with me.
I'm just realizing that all the reasons i give for not wanting to pursue my relationships aren't valid or true, and I'm left here just trying to figure it out, and, well, I'm lost. completely. i have no idea.
okay. i may have some idea. but I'm just not sure.
prayer for clarity in this area is much appreciated.

much love,
the weirdo.


Just a random post

my gosh I've been so busy lately. I love it! I hate having nothing to do all day. so this is fantastic! although, i will admit its on the verge of being too much, but God always pulls me through just when i think i can't take anymore. but i didn't come here to write a whole munch of nonsense!
actually. now that i think of it, i did come here to post nonsense....
and to let you guys know I'm still alive. super busy. editing photo's have been put to the very bottom of a long to-do list that i have yet to finish.
well! i will leave you with this picture of my dog! because we all know a post is never complete without at least one picture! (unless of course i don't feel like it)

well thanks for reading :)

much love,