This is my cousin's daughter.
She is super cute.
Her name is Leighton

Much Love,


You are going to see a lot less of me now that school has started. I might pop in every once in a while as my schedule allows.

Ive learned a couple things yesterday at my first day back at college.
1. never wear shorts unless you want your legs to stick to the chair.
2. our teachers are actually professors. it is required (or something like that)
3. bringing a pillow is necessary if i don't wanna die in my 3 hour class.
4. i need a calendar.

so far i like my classes.

bleh. school.


A Day with my Cousins

Much Love,

(ps tomorrow is my birthday! and im turning 19. wow. im old.)


A surprise visit

our turtle came to visit us one day. 
scared the heck outta me.

that is one fat turtle..

Much Love,