Photo's...photos.... photos...

Sooo I found out that I actually had 2112 pictures to go through.   Guess how many I went through since then??


chyea.  Thats alot.

how many pictures did i like and keep??

about a hundred.


SO i still have 732 more pictures to go through.  Yippie!!! >.>

I saved the best for last!! (Actually i saved the ones that have alota pictures....)

I'm gonna share some of them with you :)

My mom made some DELICIOUS blueberry muffins the other day! 
(actually it was quite awhile ago)


They were quite good :)

I got this picture frame as a graduation present! 
Its a digital picture frame. 
So I put all my favorite pictures in it :)

Thanks for reading!!

Much Love,


so much to do, so little time..

I am really bad at blogging! (in the traditional sense of the word)

as innn.. I never do it!

know why? know why???

well duh. cuz i'm too busy!

I could potentially blog more. But I honestly don't have much to say that would interest people.  Although reading other blogs helps and is inspiring.  I've been meaning to post my pictures from my photography class.  I've taken alot.  But i haven't had the time or the will to go through and edit them.   I am NOT a huge fan of editing pictures. no sir'EE hahaha

and.  I've been considering buying a film camera!  Sounds like alota fun! PLUS! nooo editing! yippiee!! Doesnt that just sound like a blast?? I'm one that doesnt like to take alota pics i just like to set up shots and get what i'm looking for.  I just needs some monays. *sigh* money is useful for alota things. wish i had more. lol. but i need to be content with what i've got!

man. I just looked through all the pictures i havent gone through.. so many!!  bleh. gonna take awhile.

EDIT* I just found out i have a total of 1873 pictures (give or take) that i havent gone through yet! gasp! Gonna take a long time to go through. one of these days, (when i dont have any hw, tests, exams, quizes to study for or anything else to do) im just gonna go through all those pictures and get them done with! *

But, in the meantime.... Here is a picture of the moon that i hope you enjoy!

Much Love,


Photography Class Assignment #1

SO i've been taking a photography class at GWC and i thought i'd share with you guys our projects and the stuff that I did.

This first assignment we had to turn in our top six photo's that we took while walking around our neighborhood. Here are my top six;

Thanks for reading!!