just a thought.

this is a little preview of the size of pictures i will use in the hopefully not so distant future.. nice and big! :)

So i have this thing, where...im reaaaaaally bad at story telling.  and i know it.  but for some reason i keep trying to tell stories (especially the funny ones) and it fails.  miserably.  and i don't know why.  i can't figure it out.  
How come, then, do i enjoy writing stories? why the heck do i do it?  
i dont understand. 
makes me wonder about my blog. about my writing. is it any different from the stories? i think...yes..... *shrugs*

Much Love,


the first leg

I have so many pictures to edit and post its overwhelming me a little.
so how do i cope? 
i ignore it.

but the time for ignoring is over! gone! finito! (is that a word?)

Me and my mother had a delightful trip to Modesto to visit my friend for her 18th birthday.
Since it was just us two and gas is expensive we decided to take the train.
but here's the thing. we had to take the metro first, then the bus, then the train.
BUT, when me and mom got up to leave on the wednesday morning we found out our tickets were for thursday. we quickly switched our tickets to wednesday but missed the first part of taking the metro.
so my grandma drove us to union station in LA. 
it was everything i imagined it to be. 
I instantaneously recognized the seats.
this is where they film every train station scene in movies and tv shows. 
so awesome.
we took a bus.
took us two hours.
then took the train. and sat backwards. it was fun though.
and long.

Never have i seen so many different kinds of people as i have at Union Station. 
its a perfect place to people watch :)

Waiting in Bakersfield to catch the train to Modesto

we passed an air museum

 14 people stood around while 3 of them worked.
our taxes at work..

Thanks for reading!
Much Love,

(ps I'm really sorry for the poor quality pictures. trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with my pictures. they looked good i swear.)
(pps i figured out how to make my pictures bigger!! But i won't post the bigger pictures for a while. not yet. i have a lot of already small pictures to post still.)


hair cuts

I know this happened a long time ago, but my little brother and my cousin cut their hair really short.
they have both had long hair for a long time. I seriously can't remember when they last had their hair this short. and boy does it look nice :)
Here are some before and after pictures,

I love those boys.

Much Love,

(ps.. im honestly discouraged about the lack of response on my
stories. not gonna lie. *shrugs* just thought id tell you..)


Short Stories: The Creature

“Sir, the creature is breaching its containment!” 
That statement was said by a very concerned looking man in a suit, wearing dark glasses. Obviously an agent of some kind. Someone who looked to be his superior, but was dressed the same way said, “there is no way of creature that small could do much damage, but contain it before it has a chance to grow.” 
The first man looked a little nervous and said, “Yes sir, but how, sir?”
“Try this.” the second man handed the first man a weapon of some sort. It looked kind of like a gun.
“Yes sir!” the man ran away. While his superior started barking orders and everyone around him trying to get control of the situation before it turned into a catastrophe. 
Minutes later, a different man dressed the same way as first ran up to the superior and said between breaths, “Sir! It has escaped and is growing rapidly! What should be our next course of action?”
“Can you still see it?” his superior asked him
“For now,” was the response. 
“Try this.” the man in charge handed the other guy a larger weapon of some sort. 
“Yes sir!” and away the man ran.
The problem wasn’t getting solved. The man in charge was barking orders and people in dark suits were scrambling about like ants, trying to make things right, while the creature just kept growing larger and larger, until you couldn’t see it at all.
Somehow, the creature had just disappeared and the men were really frightened now. Scared for their lives and their jobs. They had screwed up big time. 
“Warn the local law enforcement agencies,” commanded the superior, “make sure the dean at the college is aware of a present danger and that he should get the kids as far away from the school as possible!”
But it was too late. The creature had already leapt into the middle of the school, crushing the middle of a lawn, which in turn leaked massive amounts of water, filling up the valley-like field. 
“Sir! It crushed the lawn at the college!”
“Do you have any idea where it is headed?”
“No sir, we can’t see it!”
The man in charge looked away, his eyebrows furrowed and his bright blue eyes would have given away how frightened he really was if you could see them. After a moment, he stood up straight, his jaw set, determined. 
“Lets find this monster.”

Much Love,


A Walk Around Town

a bug landed in the ice cream. it was gross so i scooped it out.

This is my friend Hannah. 
One day, we decided to have a leisurely walk around old town Orange, eat ice cream, and take pictures. 
Such good times. Thank you Lord for good friends! and for camera's that document and 
capture moments we spend with each other. <3

Much Love,

p.s. today, half of my family is leaving to go camping with their school group. this is the first time
I'm not going, so its kinda weird. but. i get the awfullest bug bites. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic
to whatever bites me. so. i don't go anymore. just thought you should know... i have no idea why....