What are you waiting for?

There are a number of things going through my head right now.  But my next topic is as follows;  Movies!  And how they impact you :)

Now I'm not even close to being an expert on this subject, but I have a few thoughts about it.
I bet you didn't know that movies influence the way you think about life.  Even if you did know I bet you didn't know that they influence YOU.   They really do influence you.   In more than one way.   For starters, they aren't real life.  A lot of stuff that happens in movies don't happen in real life.  "Well duhh! Everyone knows that!"  Do they really?  Do girls really know that guys aren't gonna love them the way the movies say they should?  Do guys really know that true beauty is on the inside, not the outside, of a girl?
I bet you didn't know that in movie's, the world view of the writers, or directors, or whoever makes the movie, has an impact on you?  It really does.

Take for instance, Jurassic Park.  Now I've never seen that movie, and I don't plan on ever seeing that movie, but I was at a conference and they were talking about movies at one point and we were showed a clip of this movie.  In the movie clip, these people found a Velociraptor fossil that was still in the ground using special equipment.  The main guy was talking about it and stuff when a little boy from the crowd says, "That doesn't look scary."  Now, the guy went over to the boy and started explaining how the Velociraptor attacks and kills his prey.   He tells a very convincing story.  Now if you weren't really thinking about it and was just watching the movie for fun, you probably wouldn't realize that in actuality we have no idea how they attack and kill their prey.  Most of what the guy said about them is from assumptions.  He has no evidence.  But you might be thinking that that is how they really are.  Now I don't think you would defend their point of view but you would probably be convinced that that is how they really are. I know I tend to think that.  Who knows, they could be vegetarians!

Another aspect of movies I want to talk about is what movies we watch.
What keeps you from watching certain movies?  And what makes you think its okay to watch others?  These are important questions.  You should ask yourself next time you watch a movie, Why am I watching this movie? What makes it okay to watch?   Now I'm not saying you shouldn't watch movies, because I love to watch movies!  But I want you to think about something.  What if Jesus, our Lord and Savior, was sitting next to you...watching the movies you watch with you?  Would you be uncomfortable?  If you knew Jesus was seeing what movie you are seeing, would it make you think twice about seeing it?   What makes certain movies okay to watch?  Just cuz they have nothing 'bad' in them?  Oh, there's not that much cursing.  Oh, there aren't really any inappropriate scenes...  Why do we tolerate that kind of stuff?   Well, everyone else says its okay.   Well, my friends thought it was a good movies.  Well, its just a little cussing.  Not that bad.
What kind of excuses are those?!
Think about it!  It's important to think about.  Movies influence you whether you know it or not!  For the better or worse.
What a bummer that is for me though, because I love movies!  I've seen soo many movies. Weird one's, silly one's, good one's, bad one's (as in not good quality).  My family watches movies a lot. We own a lot of movies, we go out to see movies.  We rent movie's from netflix.

But why?  Why do we feel the need to be entertained all the time?   Being entertained is not something we should look for in life.  Our life, YOUR life, should not be about having a good time and being entertained.   Our life should be about Glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through all we do!  How do we do that though?  It's hard.  Very hard.  Especially when all your friends aren't really into that kind of thing.  Its easy just to go with the flow, not giving God that much thought.   How can we not give Him much thought?!  He CREATED US!  He Made us!!!  He made YOU!   When you think about how a mother loves her children, its special, because they are hers!  She birthed them!  Imagine how God loves you!  He created you!  He knew and loved you since before there was time!   That should AMAZE you! If you are indeed a child of God you should be AMAZED that God loves you!  The most incredible thing about the fact that God loved Jacob and hated Esau is not that He hated Esau, but that He love Jacob!  Do you deserve God's love?  Think about it.  I know I don't!  I fail Him every second of the day!  Yet he died and took my sins away so I could go to Heaven to be with Him!   He deserves my everything!  Yet do I give Him my everything?  Why don't I? Because of my flesh.  I have been corrupted since birth.  It's human nature that I don't love God they way He loves me.  That's what makes the Christian life so hard!  We are called to love God, and give Him glory, but our flesh tells us that God is our enemy.   That God is not doing a good job. That God doesn't deserve out praise!   How I hate my flesh!   We need to kill our sinful nature!  We need to kill it right now!  It's taking away God's glory from Him.  We need to pray to God to take away our sin!

What are you waiting for?!

Thanks for reading :)

Much Love,
TessieB <3


"I know that my Redeemer lives!" Job 19:25

So I do know why I blog.   Because I love it :)
Yesterday my new glasses came in.  I like them alot. Even though I don't exactly need to wear them all the time, I think I will :)  I love being able to see things that are far away.   Sight is a gift.  A blessing.  Don't take it for granted.  Please! :)

So I need your help, I want to buy a nice camera, but I have noooo idea what kind to get!  Do you have a nice camera? If so what kind and what do you like about it?  haha  What kind should I get?!

What do you think of my new blog layout? or backround...or...whatever...  haha I rather like it :)

Feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

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TessieB <3


Ummmm yes :)

So the other day I was thinking about how my brother is over 18 (which makes him an adult) but he's still a teenager!  So what does that make him?  Nothing other than a Teenadultager :)  (Teen-adult-ager) 

CHEA this past weekend was pretty awesome!  If you don't know what is it, its a Christian Home Educators Association thingy.  This years teen convention was WorldView Academy!  It was really cool.  I've been told by friends that I should go to worldview, but I never really wanted to.  Now I do :)  The only thing is, its kinda expensive... So we'll see :)

Sometimes I dunno why I even bother blogging.  Like now. I don't know why I'm doing this.  Maybe its just to get my thoughts out...? *shrugs*  I'd be nice if people read this, but I don't think many do. haha :)

I don't really have much to say and that's why this blog is so scattered and random...

So about that song I started learning on piano...  So far I've got 2 down, 27 more pages to go!  Phew!  :)   That's alot.  But I will finish it!.... eventually :)

Ummmm yes.

Thanks for reading!  Means alot :)  Cuz not many are willing to read my boring blog :P

Much Love,


Rhapsody In Blue

So I decided that I'm going to attempt to learn to play Rhapsody In Blue on the piano.  Its a 29 page song with 11 key changes throughout the whole thing.  Written by George Gershwin who wrote it in 3 weeks. wow.  Its going to take me months to learn!   But, I figure if i'm going to learn Heroic Polonaise in A flat by Chopin (which is my favorite piano piece annndd its extremely insanely hard.), that I should learn Rhapsody In Blue first.  
I thought it would be kinda fun to blog about my experience learning this difficult piece.  Sooo here I go! :P
So far I have played the whole first page through a couple times.  It's not tooo bad.  It's going to take me a while to learn.  ..... Fun! :)
I can't wait to finish it and amaze the whole wide world with my awesome skizzles. :)

Much Love,