a thank you

I would like to thank all my followers (the measly lot of you!) for staying with me during my time of blogging.  If it sounds like i'm done with blogging, well, that's because i am. I have come to the decision that blogging is no longer for me. it has served its purpose for me.  I started blogging in a time when i had no one to talk to, to tell my thoughts to. lately (the past year or so) i have been having a hard time blogging.  This is because i now have no need to share my thoughts with the world through blogging, i can talk to people in person instead.
Thank you blog for being so great. it has been an awesome run. i've had a good time, and you have been useful to me in my time of need.
thank you commenters for encouraging me in everything.

thank you God for this place to share my thoughts and pictures.

It is time to let it go.

I am not going to delete this blog.
I will keep it.

Just no more posting.

Thanks guys.

You're awesome

Over and Out,