Leap Year

Today is the 29th of February. 

The day some people; 
a) propose to their boyfriends
b) turn 6 when in fact they are 24
c) freak out cuz its not really a day and its just a NOTHING day
and d) want to watch Leap Year

im d.

I want to watch the movie Leap Year. Which is about a girl going to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend.
Butttttttttt the stores are all out.
of course.

And yesterday was national pancake day. 
andddd i went to go to get free pancakes like a half an hour before it closes and they turn us away.

Yeahhh its just been one of those weeks!
Where I really dont have anything to complain about and God is good to me.
andd yeah.

Have a good day :)

Much Love,



I've been anticipating summer
and reminiscing on past summers

this last summer (i just said summer three times!....now four..) we went to Resolved.
ahhh Resolved <3
what good times we had with you! 
so much fun!

Resolved is a christian conference that is put on by John MacArthurs church.
Every year they pick a new topic.
And have many amazing guest speakers.

Its always super hot when we go. Like at least 100 degrees. Once it got up to 114.
But its a dry heat so its much more bearable.

We found this giant cockroach. 
Soooo grosssssss

Yet fascinating...

You should go :)
Its amazing.

Much Love,


lately I....

..have been sick.
..need a job.
..have been cleaning the house.
..am missing my boyfriend
..have next to no school
..need to read more
..applied to Barnes & Noble
..havent been writing lately, but would like to (write songs that is)
..am on the computer wayyyy too much
..have been taking more pictures with my film camera
..read only one chapter in my bible a day. that number should increase.
..love God <3
..miss my friends
..am obsessed with Sherlock, Dr Who, and Ingrid Michaelson
..spend too much money on clothes
..find my dog the cutest thing in the world

..am loving life <3

Thank you Jesus <3

Much Love,


My awesome present :)

So I realize I never told you what I got for Christmas!!

A film camera!! 


I was sooooo excited! I've been wanting one for a while now!

On Christmas I took alot of pictures of my present :)

I havent really been using it though because I can't tell how my pictures are turning out and im scared of wasting film. Although i shouldn't really be scared cuz i have LOADS of film!

I am sooo blessed! :)

I finally finished a roll of 24 (it took me about a month)


Pretty awesome right??

Much Love,



Right now. I have one of my own songs stuck in my head. Actually my most recent one. :) is that weird?
So far I have abouttt....16? songs total that I wrote.

Wanna read the lyrics of my most recent song?? 

Welllll...ima post it anyways :P

You go to sleep at night
and you imagine
flocks of birds in flight
and deep chasms
the possibilities are endless
our imaginations in bliss

Our friends and family
all around us
I could be floating in a sea
or on a bus
going anywhere or nowhere
in that state without a care

~Oh dreams, sweet dreams
flooding my mind with memories
of people and faces and objects and places i love
dreams, sweet dreams
don't go away from me
without you sleep is a nightmare!

My hopes and dreams and fears
come to life
the laughter and the tears
in front of my eyes
as real as they seem..they arent
but they help me sleep so peacefully

~Oh dreams, sweet dreams,
flooding my mind with memories 
of people and faces and objects and places i love
dreams, sweet dreams
dont go away from me
without you sleep is a nightmare

Psalm 127:1-2 "Unless the LORD build the house, those who build lit labor in vain, unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stay awake in vain. It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil, for He gives to his beloved, sleep."

~ dreams, sweet dreams
flooding my mind with memories 
of people and faces and objects and places i love
dreams, sweet dreams
dont go away from me
without you sleep is a nightmare
without you i just have nightmares
i just have nightmares.


A while ago I posted about song titles

I believe they should be short and to the point, yet memorable and intriguing.

Here is my list;
(not in any particular order)
A Procrastinating Fool
In Him I Rest (or Hallelujah...not sure about this title)
Beautiful Faces
Sweet Savior
Airplanes in the Fog
Life is You
Slow Down
Love is
I Wish (or just Wish)
A Little Goes a Long Way
Sweet Comfort
Anchor of My Soul

Now you read those titles and you're just reading titles. I read them and know that stories and music and lyrics are hidden away behind those titles. They have a meaning and a life! I wish you could hear them all. Not just cuz i sound good or im a good writer. But because I want you to understand! I want you to see the story and hear the music and see the life behind each song! They mean alot to me. They are sooo much more than a  title. 


I started recording a bit with my dad and sis one day. It was more like a practice round. 
I havent done any recording since then. (my dad has a recording studio in our house :P)


I haven't learned much Rhapsody in Blue lately. (My other posts about it are here, here and here)

I love that song. And I love piano! So amazing. 
Yesterday at Jazz History class thissssss awesome guy came to play for us. So amazing.


Okay, thats all I have to say about music right now
(except its awesome)

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

P.S. Yes I dooooo like linking things <3


Cinnamon roles

I've decided to start doing little tips for cooking.

I knowww I'm not a great cook. But I have been able to figure out better ways for making random things. 

like... pre-made cinnamon roles!

They are already made right? So whats the big deal?

Well. If you are ever making them, my advice is to not cook them too long! Take them out of the oven even when they look a little soft still. They will continue to cook!
Also, instead of waiting for them to cool in the pan take them out right away and put the icing on it so it melts!


Much Love,



Places I love: Grinders


I love Grinders!

Its a small little sandwich place that serves old soda's of all kinds, homemade ice cream, sandwiches, delicious fries, and other yummy stuff :)

My family goes there because it is very near my house. anndddd its deeelishushhhh.. :)

We've spent alot of time there trying out all the soda's, eating fries, and having a good time with people we love!

We have a little tradition of always getting different kinds of soda and trying them all! 

I think the cherry flavors are really good!

Although my favorite is Root beer :)

What's your favorite soda?

Much Love,


Goals and school

So its February!

I have two goals for every month.

1st) Read my bible every day.

(This chart has been helping me with that!)

2nd) Edit all the pictures I've taken so far!

And this month I completed it!

Praise the Lord! It was none of my doing. God helped me read every day. Even if it was just a chapter I had to read. No matter how tired I was when I jumped in bed.

(well... I cant really jump into bed cuz I have the top bunk)

Before January I had lottsssss and lotsss of pictures to edit. Because I had been so busy that semester with school and whatnot it was hard to edit pictures. 

Now its not so hard.

I started school last week. I had a month and a half winter break. It was so nice!
But this semester I could only get one class!! And this one class is only one day a week.
AND its the chillest class in the whole school!!!
Instead of a text book we bring money to pay for the live musicians that come play for us every week!
I'm super duper excited!
There is no homework. No tests. Only a couple papers.
and basically all we have to do is show up!

(This is what the sky really looked like)

But now what do I do with all my free time?

(this is edited :P)

I should get a job. Thats kinda a given. But... I'm struggling because I don't want a normal job (plus im terrified of interviewing) I want to work with kids. Babysit. Maybe be a nanny. But how do you get those kinda jobs? I guess there are sites online where you can apply and they find you a job. Sounds pretty cool.
BUT. who are these people? What are the kids gonna be like? I have no idea how to deal with kids and NOT mention Jesus and tell them that God says that lying is a sin. I have no idea.

But I know that my God is good.

And He is with me always!

Its nice to know He has a plan and that its better than mine could ever be!

So I will trust Him that He knows best. And that He will give me a job.

What have you been struggling with lately?

Much Love,
(PS- I realize two things. 1. its nice to actually blog again instead of just post pics. 
2. questions at the end of a blog is a plus)