Why Superman is my favorite super hero...

I picked Superman as my favorite super hero.   For many reasons.   But before I state the reasons, I wanted to let you know that all that I know of superman is based on Superman Returns.   Great movie!  Highly recommend it!  I've never seen any of the other movies.. or read the comics... So here goes...

My favorite thing about him is his Christ-likeness.   The whole entire movie, his whole self, reminds me of my Savior Jesus Christ and the Gospel!  The world does need a Savior. 
Lois Lane seems to think, or has convinced herself, that she doesn't need a savior.  She comes to found out that she actually does. 
My favorite scene is when Lois sees Superman for the first time since he's returned and he takes her way up in the sky and asks her; "What do you hear?"
She says, "I hear nothing"
"I hear everything." He tells her, "You wrote that the world doesn't need a Savior, but every day I hear people crying for one."

It's true, everyone does cry out for a Savior whether they know it or not.   They all need Him.

I had planned on saying a bunch about Superman and the movie, but none of that seems important right now.  The only important thing is my Savior.   Clark Kent/Superman reminds me of my Savior and the worlds need of a Savior.  
It's just something to think about.

Sorry for this superlame post,
Thanks for reading!

Much Love,


An uh-may-zing invention

I know I said my next post would be on my favorite super hero... but I haven't had the time lately, so I thought I'd make a quick post on another subject...

For all those people reading this who need glasses to see.... I want you (if at all possible) to go for a whole day not using glasses (unless of course you need to for school, driving, etc.).  
Because I want you to think about how you're life would be if you can't see. 
Because! Most people who have had to wear glasses for a long period of time take them for granted and/or are annoyed that they have to wear glasses. 

I personally think glasses are the most amazing invention.  I just recently found out I need to wear glasses to see.   When I put them on its like; "WOAH!!! I can seee!"  :)  Most amazing thing ever!

Now I'm not trying to be mean or anything but we should be soooo extremely thankful for such an invention that enables us to see and live our life's like normal people!  God is sooo extremely good to us!  I mean, wow!  We look through glass and we can see!!  UH-MAY-ZING!
Praise the Lord! haha :)

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,


Please answer! :) EDITED

I have a question that I want you to answer if you're reading this.

Who is your favorite superhero?
EDIT- And why is he/she your favorite?

My next blog will be on my favorite superhero, and why he is my favorite!

Please answer!

Much Love,


Random thoughts

I think it's about time I did another post.  As a warning in advance, this is gonna be a random post!  to. the. max.

A lot of things been going on.   Been feeling pretty much useless lately.  Ya know, like the Relient K "More than Useless" song?  
You know what amazes me though?!  God still loves worthless me!  I find that so amazing.  I say, "Why?  Why did You choose me? How could You love me?"  Isn't that amazing? We are sooo totally worthless and yet He still can love us!
"And while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."
OH MY GOSH.  He. Died. For. US!  For worthless sinners!
He truly is amazing and worthy of our praise and honor!

Today I went on a rant and was checking out people's blog's.  People I don't know in person.  But! They seem like really cool people and their blogs were really encouraging to me!  Thank the Lord for Brothers and Sisters in Christ! :)

Yesterday I went and got some books.  But not just any books....music books!!  I've needed some new stuff to play.   If you don't know who Edvard Grieg is, you should go find out. Cuz I really love his music.

On another note, have you ever heard of the "Kingdom Series"?? It's a book series.  It's reaaaaaaalllllyyy good :)   It's basically a parallel of the Bible, just a little different.  It really is good.  I encourage you to look it up.  The books are short, so it shouldn't take too long to read if you're a decently fast reader.

One more thing.  This quote keeps popping into my head. I dunno where I heard it from or who said it, But it might encourage you in times of trial or doubt;

"Anything this side of Hell is grace" 
....or something like that.

In other words, if you're not in Hell right now, God is being soooo very gracious and kind to you.  We all deserve to put into Hell this very moment.
What a great God we have!

Sorry for my scattered post.  My thoughts are kinda scattered at the moment.
But thanks for reading!

Much Love,