As a kid..

...i used to love to look at my house upside down and imagine what it was like to walk on the ceiling
...owning my own radio was a big deal
...we used to watch tv before mom was up and turn it off when she came down stairs (it was mostly my older brothers doing and we all just went along with it)
...jump5 was my favorite band
...we always played outside

...we used to ride our bikes to our friends house
...i got bit by a dog that was comparatively large and thats why im afraid of large dogs

...we lived in a neighborhood that had many kids my age
...i didn't care what people thought of me
...we had the coolest computer and video games! (there is a difference)
...me and my siblings would walk along the ridge of our plastic play thing while our grandma told us to come down or else we'd fall and break our necks
...we always played pretend

Today I went by our old neighborhood. So many memories! I realized as i was driving there that that neighborhood is in a lot of my dreams and I never even noticed. I never realized. I took a back way and was surprised by how much I remembered and that I knew which street to turn on. When I was little I had a close friend that lived not far from where we lived and we spent a lot of time together.

The houses look different now. instead of the white and dark brown that I remember, they are all painted a nasty light beige and greenish color. It really doesn't look good. The whole neighborhood is so much smaller than I remember it being. Our neighborhood was shaped like a T. The houses were actually condos. It has a very set apart feel to it. It's not connected to the other neighborhoods.

Everyone was always outside. There were many kids my age and we all knew each other (except maybe for the Vietnamese kids who lived there because they usually stayed inside).  There was a community pool right next to our house and we spent many hours swimming in it. Once I got swimmers ear (which is a nasty ear infection). We used to have annual garage sales and everyone would have stuff for sale. I always used to walk around and look at everyone's stuff. I got in a lot of fights with my friend Taylor. We used to babysit her. She is not that much younger than me but I always picture her really young.

So many memories of that place! Of the room I shared with my siblings, of swimming in the pool, playing with our neighbors, hanging out in our living room! Ahh good times.

I remember one time I got glass stuck in my big toe. It was when my brother was a baby and mom just got back from shopping. I was helping her unload and a glass container of baby food fell on the floor. I was told not to move because I had bare feet, but did I listen?? ohhh no. I jumped away from the mess and got a tiny piece of glass stuck in my foot.

I remember when anna got splinters in her hands and feet from climbing on the old wood fence barefoot. It took many foot and hand soakings before they all came out.

i remember things like one of my friends splitting her lip on the curb, when we would always climb the neighbors tree, when i went swimming in my clothes, when i got bit on the leg by a nasty dog, when one of the neighbor boys gave me an Anakin watch, when me and my friend Taylor dressed up and paraded down the street, when my brother played basketball in front of our house, watching the neighbor boys play baseball, when my dad would come home and we would run to his car and sit on his lap and drive him home (not really, he drove, we just pretended to drive).  I love that neighborhood.

Thank you Lord for our old house <3

Much Love,

(i was gonna post some pictures of when i was little, but, I'm too lazy. i don't wanna go find any. hahaha )


Final Project

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

The final for my photography class was on books.
i took a bunch of pictures and have many that i like but only used six.
these six to be exact.

Much Love,


-random ramble-

hey guys! sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been busy. :)
school is out and i have cousins staying here and people constantly coming over and hanging out. 
so fun :)
my brother installed my all time favorite game called Civilization III
so I've been playing it non-stop.
it doesn't work on my computer so I've been on my moms.
i have barely spent any time on my computer. which has been good for me i think.
i spend way too much time on the computer.
way way way.

so this is just a ramble. 
i haven't been taking much pictures either. 
its been nice.
a nice little break. 

i feel really behind though about my blogs. 
oh well. 

I hope you had a great sunday! :)

Much Love,


random assignment

close to the end of the semester my teacher decides to add on a little assignment. 
we need four pictures.
stop motion, blur motion, small aperture, large aperture (which is the focal length)
hence these four pictures. i took them hastily and without much thought except that i needed them because i was trying to work on my final project and on my other class finals. 
it was the same day i took these pictures

Much Love,


Lazy days

Don't you love those lazy days??
where you just lounge around?
oh yeah.
they are a gift from God <3

Much Love,

(p.s. i appologize for the small size of the pictures. 
i can't fix it.. sad... =/ )


A favorite place in LA [part 4]

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3]

So, technically this place isn't in LA.
Its by my brothers school.

Its awesome


Their fettuccine is sooooo good!

You should go there. idk what its called though.. hahha

thus ends my mini series on LA.
sorry this last post took so long.
been busy lately :)

Much Love,



another photography assignment. 
altho its not one of the main six. (lol)
this one was hard. especially because of the limited amount of time i had to take this.

Much Love,


- Free-lensing -

so there's this really cool thing called free-lensing. 
its where you take off the lens and hold it close to the camera and take pictures. 
i learned how to HERE.
its pretty much awesome.. this is something i hope to be good at one day.

Much Love,


well thats frustrating.

... so. I'm pretty frustrated. 
I had to purchase more memory for all the pictures i post on this blog. but now that i have more memory the actual picture files are bigger. like. a lot.
so that means that we i try to post pictures and make them big they look like this;

but. when the picture files were smaller and i put them on the same setting they looked like this:

I don't know how to make the picture files smaller.
so. either they are too large. or too small.... 
like this:



anyone have any suggestions??

Much Appreciated,